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Hands Free Beer-Drink-Water-Bottle- Carrier/Holder 4 PIECE KIT

Purchase As Is Or Personalize Any Design

Hands Free- Beer-Drink-Water-Bottle Carrier/Holder KIT

Holds Your Drink Allowing The Use Of Both Hands To Be More Productive

When Fishing, Hunting, Cooking, Eating, Hiking, Dog-Walking, Yard Work Etc. Etc.

This Kit Includes

  • PATENTED  STABILIZERS {Connection Mechanism}
  • 1ea 3mm 12oz CAN    Huggy (Kozie, Cozie)
  • 1ea.12 oz. SLIM CAN   Huggy (Kozie, Cozie)
  • 1ea. 12-16 oz. Bottle   Huggy (Kozie, Cozie)

The hip huggy is available in 3 sizes,12 oz. Can, 12oz. slim can, 12-16 oz.  bottle