About Us

Captain Victor Bergeron and Captain Creighton Ward Owners of Guides Choice Outdoors Inc. a sports equipment company have created Hip Huggy, an innovative solution to keeping your beverage at hands reach and keeping your hands free. Hip Huggy can attach to your clothing or an accessory. Our System consist of a SPEED CLIP, a set of stabilizers with a connector stud that is attached to a quality insulated neoprene huggy that conforms to cans and bottles. The huggys have a concealed drawstring closure, with no zippers to rust or break! The patented clip is designed, engineered and constructed of a durable molded plastic so there are no metals springs or screws to break or rust. The clip has a V groove that catches a connector stud, the stud locks into position mechanically and stays locked until released by pressing the Hi Viz release button. The clip and stabilizers are manufactured, assembled and packaged in Louisiana.
This isn't necessarily about us but here is some customer feedback if you think it is necessary.
"Some of the great benefits of using the Hip Huggy Drink System are: Frees your hands to complete an activity (yard work, fishing, tailgating etc...) and also helps you stay hydrated It increases productivity Eliminates confusing and losing drinks Keeps drinks from spilling
So whether you are working or relaxing you will love using your Hip Huggy."
“Hip Huggy is great for work and play. It makes hydration easy. You don’t have to stop an activity to find your drink.”
“Hip Huggy has increased my work crew’s productivity. No more walking all the way back to the water cooler.”